Ohio/Warren Roundabout update


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Last time I was on one in the area, the guy in front of me went left into the roundabout. Not sure if he just didn't understand or was just in a hurry and felt he didn't need to use it properly.
Can be much better option versus stoplight after stoplight. I get Americans don’t like them but that is because most Americans are lazy about travelling outside US and often narrow minded.


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I'm looking forward to it being finished. I'm sure the weather has not been helpful.
It's going to be interesting to watch people navigate it. I may put my drone in the air to see the carnage. Hell, people can't navigate a double left turn correctly, this is going to be fun.
I spent 14 days in Iceland over the summer and collectively about 4 months in Europe over the last few years. Roundabouts are far better than 4 ways or traffic signals. However, it will take some "getting used to" for the US. Hopefully not too many accidents or episodes of road rage..
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