Now it's the stove!


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Apparently it's time for all my appliances to act up at my house.

The last few times I've used my stove I've noticed something different. It is a Whirlpool glass-top range. Nothing fancy, no induction. About 10 years old, like my fridge.

Last few times I've used the oven, I've noticed the top front edge of the cooktop (the molding around the edge) gets very hot. Like so hot you almost can't touch it. First things, this could be a hazard for 2-year old casually walking by. Second, I don't recall this happening before. I'm worried this could be dangerous, an electrical hazard, something that could be a real issue.

When this happened, both times, I was using the front right burner in addition to running the oven. Both the oven and burner seem to be working properly, heating fully and all that jazz. Cooked food properly as it always has.

Anyone had this happen or have any ideas?
A couple of ideas....process of elimination.....
1. Check the seals around the oven door. Torn or missing area of seal
2. Run the oven without the burner on and see if the area you are concerned about gets hot. Then run the burner by itself and check the area again. It may just be the confluence of running them both at the same time and you've just now noticed.
3. Run the oven and the left front burner and see if the problem moves to the other side of the oven.