New Garbage Disposal???


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You may try Walmart on Preston (if they are still open) since they have appliances. Other than that, I'd say you are S.O.L.


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Walmart's closed :shock: I guess they are planning on this storm being worse than they are letting on:sarcastic:


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And if that reset button needs clicking, you have to ask why that's the case. As disposals get a little age on them, they're more prone to sticking or jamming. In that case, usually a very long screwdriver can be used down the hole to pry the circular bottom cutter loose again with some clockwise and counter-clockwise maneuvers. IF that breaks loose a jam, that tells you that merely clicking the reset button wouldn't have been enough.

So if a disposal won't turn, it may not be dead yet. Always check to see if the inside bottom cutter will turn freely, and if not, then trying prying to free it up. (If somebody [like Cousin Eddie] has accidentally dropped some screws, broken glass, or other nasty debris down the hole, you might have to use a ShopVac to suck those obstacles out.)

THEN click the reset button.

Then turn on some water.

Then try the wall power switch and see if the disposal will spin. Only then if it still won't spin do you have a likely diagnosis of a dead disposal.

The problem isn't that it stopped working...the problem is that it is a piece of crap. LOL! And it has been since we bought this house. I have worked in several commercial kitchens, owned 4 houses & worked in several others...I have never seen such a horrible disposal EVER. We have had more problems with it than I can count & now it is just leaking so we want to just rip it out & put something in that DOESN'T suck. :D

Any recommendations on a good one?


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We just bought an Insinkerator and put in in a few days ago after the other started leaking. I put one in a rent house of ours about 3 years ago and haven't had any problems with it. It looked like there were "upgrades" that we're more quiet, but ours isn't loud, happy with it so far.


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The reviews on Amazon you linked are really good. I noticed several mentioned that model is really heavy during installation. One guy mentioned solving that problem using a jack from his Toyota truck. I like descriptions of what works.

Ours went out on the 23rd. I wasn't about to call a serviceman out on a holiday but am planning on replacing ours with this one. I'm tired of crappy appliances. I want a BIG BOY! The InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1 HP sounds like it'll do the trick!
Isn't it a total PITA when something like this happens JUST before a major holiday? LOL!

I can't really complain about it, though...this was the ONLY issue we had over a wonderful Christmas.

The husband went out first thing yesterday...because he is The Awesome...he got this one & installed it. Because he is The Awesome & knew I really needed it to run my kitchen.

So far, it is great!
Total PITA for it to happen. Noticed I could get it gift wrapped with Amazon! Hubbs may not be great at DIY projects, but he knows better than to "gift" a garbage disposal no matter how unhappy I might be that mine is broken.

Glad you got it all worked out Sling and the kitchen is in working order.