Need Lexus Mechanic For Timing Belt/Water Pump Work

Hello all, looking for an independent mechanic or shop (aside from Davenport) that has experience working on Lexus. We've got a 2004 GX470 with 80000 miles that has sprung a radiator leak, and needs a new steering rack. Since the the front of the car will be apart for that work, figured I'd go ahead and have the timing belt/water pump/thermostat replaced. The mechanic we use for brakes and such is great, but need somebody who's done this specific type of surgery before ;).

As always, dealership rates are laughable, and had a really bad experience with Davenport in the past, so looking for another alternative. As always, TIA!!
Big fan of Davenport still.

Don’t know of any other independent Lexus mechanics.

Bad experiences - multiple times with Park Place Lexus.

(It’s been 20 years since I used Sewell Lexus last. But no issues there. Just higher $$$ than Davenport.)

About to get a new timing belt/water pump on my SC430. It only has 39k miles, but it’s 12 years old - so past the time limits. Timing belts can dry out or become brittle with age. Probably will go to Davenport.

I took a risk with Kelly at Auto ER here in Frisco with another SC430 I had - timing belt replaced much cheaper than anyone else. Kelly had never done an SC before. Took them several days watching videos to remove all the engine components correctly. But I drove it another 4 years with that new timing belt/water pump - plus the guy I sold it to has now had it for 4 years (we talk now & then) with zero issues. So I took a risk with Kelly, but it turned out just fine.
Thanks, would also not return to Park Place; not sure how that place stays in business between the horrible service and rude "sales" people. I did call Davenport, but they won't even give me numbers over the phone - they insist on us bringing it in, and paying for a diagnosis of things I already know need to be replaced (pretty easy to see a radiator and steering rack leak, not to mention that it's just plain time for a new timing belt), so I'm crossing them off the list, unless you can recommend a service adviser there that's easier to work with ;).

I've got a guy kind of like Kelly, but since he's not done this specific job on a GX before, I'm pretty apprehensive about using him for this..... Any other local places you'd recommend? Cheers!
Sorry, just looked back at your post saying that there weren't any others you would recommend. Guess that par for the multi-tasking course... Saw LD Automotive recommended in past posts; what are your thoughts on them for this kind of work? Thanks!!
I like dealing with Evan Keenan at Davenport. Low key, younger guy - good customer service. Gave me a price for the timing belt/water pump without any hassles - I can’t remember but it was around $1100 to $1200. Wrote it down somewhere. But I use LD a lot. They’ve done a radiator on my son’s Kia recently. Also needed new tie rods recently on my Ford Expedition - I talked them into price matching Firestone’s low quote (Firestone had found the issue when I went in for my lifetime free alignment). Both jobs performed perfectly at a great price. Just ask them if they’ve done a timing belt/water pump on a Lexus? I’m sure they have....