Name of High School Yearbook Racially Insensitive: Student


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I found copies of the Frisco High yearbook here: Frisco High School - Coonskin Yearbook (Frisco, TX), Covers 1 - 10

The phrase "coonskin" or "the coonskin" is on the outside front cover and sometimes on the edge binding of the book. It is not hidden/obscured in any way. I conclude that the "name" of the FHS yearbook is "the coonskin". If you ask for "the coonskin" what you will get is a yearbook. There are likely many copies of the yearbook on bookshelves in homes in the area. I suppose that the Frisco Library has a copy for each year as well, for those who are interested.

The Plano yearbook is "named" the "Planonian" with the 1978 edition page 2 showing "Wildcat" which is their mascot name over the outline of a football player. I have no idea why those names were chosen.
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