Mets second baseman ripped by New York radio hosts for taking paternity leave

Who gives a sh.. as to what radio/tv/newspaper/magazine/online blogs/etc. hosts say? They offer no value to society.

Good for the Mets player.


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Player takes the allowed 3 day paternity leave to spend with wife and newborn child. Radio host proceeds to be a jerk by arguing player should have been there for the birth, then left. This is irritating. I still remember my daughter's first few days very well and wouldn't give it up for any job.
If he were the first player to do this, I could see the press about it. If it were the world series, I'd understand. But it is the first week of the season. It is not like you can plan these things. Someone (I think on ABC) said that his wife should have scheduled a c-section earlier so he could be there. First with a C-section that would require his help for more than what he took off. Second, the longer the baby is in the womb, the better for the baby. UGH some people.