Megatel Homes?

I'm not familiar with Megatel. but I would suggest you look at Landon homes before buying, ask for Glynn Lively he's really honest and very knowledgable
We didn't buy a Megatel home but they are building in the neighborhood that we are building in. We walked their model yesterday and it was really nice.

We built with them last year. The homes have a ton of nice upgrades you do not typically get. Very energy efficent homes, green homes. We have been very happy with ours. The quality is some of the best I have seen.
Based on my personal experience with this builder; I would suggest and advise you to avoid working with them.
I spent close to 1 million dollars with this home builder. everybody I dealt with (loan officers, real-estate agents, bank personal..etc) warned me NOT to work with them but these warnings came way late.

They are by far the worst builder I ever worked with
- Pre-sale was full of lies and promises that never came true.
if they were building your property then DO NOT rely on their verbal agreement and always always put things in writing.
their contracts feel like traps and once you sign the dotted line then you are in their control.

- The building process was painful, they hire unreliable workers and contractors who do the worst jobs, they keep replacing them as if they are hiring their contractors from the side of Home Depot.

- the properties they built had nothing but issues due to bad workmanship. here is a scary example; in one of the properties I bought from them; the walls were NOT leveled, the windows were one length from one side and different from the other, cabinets are not aligned, paint was bad all-over the properties ... yes believe it.

- post sale/warranty
again, nothing but nightmare, it takes them MONTHs to fix a simple issue as they want you to just have enough and go deal with it yourself.

people call them in the market "megaDEATH", take my advise and RUN away from this builder