MDO in a church??

Can anyone recommend a preschool/ MDO program in Frisco - there are many churches that offer it during the day...My youngest is ready for preschool and we were not in TX for the older kids....

Anyone have exp. or info regarding--- 1st United Methodist Church? 1st Baptist Church? NewStart Church? I was considering those... Please let me know, Thanks
I work for a Frisco church that offers 3 days. They have a great curriculum. Let me know if you want more info. Great teachers and director. I work for the church not for the preschool.

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Sure any info on PS would be great....

We are looking for churches too....may go to these church services first and then see their MDO/PS programs too....

What does anyone know about Methodist, 1st Baptist and New Start churches???


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With my kiddo I choose St. Philips Episcopal Preschool. Our choice was made before we became members. I know you asked about three other churches, and I did tour and research both Methodist and First Baptist, but just came away less than impressed for a few reasons.

Personally as an educator I thnk references are only a small percentage. You need to go and tour. Look at the facilities, research curriculum they use, see classes and get a general feel. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with other programs, just as a Joliet approach I didn't feel it fit our needed.

After spending over a year choosing a preschool we found that St. Philips offered not only the balance I academics and psychological/emotional/physical development but the spirtiuality we were looking for. Even after we move we will continue to do the rediculus drive from Pillot Point so the girls can finish there.

Recommendations are always good but getting the whole picture helps, at least for me.
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I toured FUMC about 4 years ago and was not impressed and didn't even apply there. I decided on St. Francis KDO (it's our church anyways) and have been VERY pleased with them over the years. My son did 4 years there and my daughter is in her 3rd year. I also toured and applied at Stonebriar for my son and would have been happy there I think, but we got into the program at St. Francis and that was always my first choice.
First Baptist

We love FBC Frisco's preschool - Sonshine Academy. All of the 3/4 teachers are certified teachers, which is great IMO. The program is only T/Th from 9:10-2:00. My daughter is in the 4s now and was in the 3s all last year and loved every second of it. She's also able to tell me her verse that she's learned and I can tell she is learning lots as far as academics as well.
They probably have a waiting list right now.