From the January 15th 380 meeting,
JAN 16, 2019 —
Good morning everyone,
Thank you to everyone who joined the TxDOT meeting last night and it was a pleasure to meet some of you!
I wanted to share a few things with you that we learned at the meeting.
23.5%- Increase in the Denton County population from 2010-2017
136%- Increase in the Denton County population growth projected from 2018-2045
Highway 380 has been graded as an "F" by engineering standards as the worst level of service for a road.
Traffic volumes along US 380 in Denton County, east of Loop 288, increased over 30% between 2011 and 2017.
Approximate average daily traffic on 380 in 2017- 40,300 vehicles per day
Approximate average demand volume foretasted for 2045- 112,500 vehicles per day
So what does this all mean?
Well TXDOT is going back to the planning stages and looking at what can be implemented immediately to alleviate congestion and increase safety on 380. Last night they had tables of maps to look at and provide your feedback. They laid out alternative routes, possibilities for growing 380 and what those would look like. However this is going to be a long process as there doesn't seem to be any easy answers. They are looking a very long term project that won't start for years considering they are just now at the feasibility stage. On the bright side though this gives us all the opportunity to have our voices heard and them to have buy in from us the residents who drive this road everyday.
They will be presenting the same presentation and taking feedback next Tuesday January 22 in Denton from 6:00pm-8:00pm.
They are taking public comment until February 6 and this is your opportunity to share your concerns, suggestions for improvements and recommend what would make this road better for you.
Visit www.Drive380.com (TxDot website for this isssue) and there you can submit comments or you can submit them at the meeting.
You can also mail them into:
TxDot Dallas District Office
Attn: Stephen Endres, P.E., CSJ 0135-10-061 ETC., US 380
4777 E. U.S. Highway 80
Mesquite, Texas 75150-6643
Thank you again for your support of Making 380 Safe and let's get your voices heard! This is our road and let's make it safe for our families, friends and neighborhoods!
Thank you for you all that you do!
In appreciation,