Looking for Medicare Doctor in Frisco:

My mom is on SS disability and now has Medicare (I believe that is what it's called). I need to find her a doctor out here in Frisco as she lives with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance! You can also text me 214-726-2099
You might check with Internal Medicine Associates of Plano. While not in Frisco, they are located at nearby at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, at Parker & DNT. Specifically, ask about Dr Mary Hammack, who specializes in geriatric medicine. Their website is www.planointernist.com

By the way, you need to know if your mom is on Medicare or Medicaid. It makes a big difference with doctors.
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As others have said you need to know if it's Medicare or Medicare. I have Medicare replacement coverage with Humana, and see Dr. Pepperell in Frisco. Not sure if he takes straight Medicare.


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My dad went to Dr Bryan Johnson on Main St, he received great care from Dr Johnson and his staff. I had read the reviews and they weren't godd so I was afraid it would be bad but after going I have no clue what people were talking about. The staff was excellent and very caring, he had Alzheimer's and a bad heart so he was seen a lot.

I had a tough time trying to find a doctor that took Medicare, Dr Johnson does.
If it's Medicare was also going to suggest Dr. Bryan Johnson. I have heard good things about him for years. If it's Medicaid, it will be a certain managed care plan and you need to look at the paper/card for the number to call to find a doctor.