It's Gone!!!


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I went and did it. It is a bit drastic and definitely made me cry. I do, somehow, feel a little more in control about losing it and will adjust even more over the next few weeks and days.

I feel for my husband who is having a very difficult time with this whole process but know that shaving my hair was a bit empowering. I will not hide that I have cancer. I will not be afraid to face it head on. And I will not be afraid to talk about it.

Cancer will not define me - I will define its impact on my life! Thank you all for the kind words and support. As I face the rest of my treatment my best friend and I will do it together bald! She is battling her second round of brain tumors - so we are in this together!


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Boiler, you are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Hair is just an accessory.

I will continue to send prayers and thoughts your way to kick this cancer beast to the curb!


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Kinda GI Jane :p Hawt!

Two funny things I thought: in the first pic of the ponytail, it looks like you have enough there to donate to Locks of Love, and two, in the last pic the wrought iron thing behind you gives you a Medusa look lol


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Great buzz, you look great!! Good suggestion to donate it, not sure how long the donation has to be but that's a good thick ponytail. :hugs:


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Thank you all! It's taking some getting used to.

I did laugh when my beautician said "you have a really well shaped head." Made me laugh. Or when my soon to be 4yo said "ooo, just like daddy." my almost 2yo "fuzzy hair"

The only comment that could have been hurtful was eating lunch soon after my cut and a kid about 16/17 said "what's her deal?" with serious attitude. Not that it was the opinion necessarily just the someone noticed thing, hard to explain. Tried not to laugh when an older lady leaned over from a close table and almost smacked him and said "hush. she has cancer." Then she looked at me and said "You hold your head up sweetie and you'll be just fine."

And PITA - thanks, I'm never going to live down the GI Jane thing:facepalm: It is a little severe since my natural color is pretty dark and I wasn't willing to 'Bic it'.

I do have my baggie all ready to mail my hair off. I did end up having enough to donate. If you rub my head you can feel where is it much thinner in some areas over others, mainly the back, just about my neck and over the ears. Would have made an exact opposite Friar Tuck do if I let it fall out :D