iPod Touch repair?

Any recommendations for a local and legitimate iPod Touch repair place?

We have a 4th gen. that won't power on after getting slightly wet. Trying to determine the cost of repair versus buying a new one. Thanks!
I used dr cell phone last weekend for DS 's iPhone screen replacement. Happy with the work. He was talking to others about a wet phone and another about virus's.


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as cheap as a 4th gen refurb is you are probably just better off getting that instead of trying to fix your old one.


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Stop by the apple store, they have replaced the screen on my wife's old 3GS a few years ago for free and it wasn't under an extended warranty. She dropped it at the pool and the screen had a nasty crack.

She originally stopped by the one in Stonebriar, they turned her down. I went to Willow Bend the following day and they did it free of charge, told me that apple gives them ability to do this, just up to the person you deal with.

Worst they can say is no...you might be pleasantly surprised.