iPod Touch Password


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Forgot my ipod touch password and can't restore as I don't have the computer any longer - what do I do?

Itunes does not recognize device as it has never been put on my new computer.

Please help!!! urgent request.



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With the IPOD turned on, plug it into your computer.. Open up itunes.. Hold down the home and power button for ten seconds.. after ten seconds release the power button.. keep holding the home button till itunes see the ipod.. after a few seconds itunes will see the ipod and you can restore the latest firmware..
Quite simply, iCloud and recovery mode will be a better choice when you can't use iTunes. If you have a backup, you can restore your iPod data after using both methods, otherwise you will lose them. iCloud's operation is the easiest: log in to iCloud, find the iPod you need to unlock, select erase, and successfully unlock iPod touch password.