I know the Bible. I thought I would do better.

The quiz is simply meant to punctuate inconsistencies in the bible. Every answer is right/wrong. Doesn't matter what answer you select, the quiz tells you your answer is incorrect and cites the "correct" verse.
Gotta love the "look at the source" crowd... although the source is the bible and it's always been right there printed in plain-Jane view, somehow the world wide address invalidates it. Oh, it wasn't interpreted correctly. Yeah, that's it.


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TCM gone now. He's the king of the off-topic drive-by in this forum. He's very uncomfortable debating ideas in these areas.

My man LM is the only one with the courage to defend his positions. Props to him for that.


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I could tell by the questions that it was a joke. I'm pretty sure its hard to ride two donkeys.

Raised as both Methodist and Catholic at the same time, I have come to see the good book as the book of self imposed compliance, or selective compliance. Pick a line and follow it, ignore the next one, or say it doesn't apply any longer.

Such as Ecclesiastes 10:19

King James Bible
A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.

Not what one would expect to see in the bible.