Huggies or Pampers


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I don't think it is a matter of prefer but what fits the baby best. My son could only use Pampers - Huggies and Luvs leaked on him.. We also tried the Sams brand which a friend swore by but they leaked on him too.

DD could wear either Huggies or Pampers but they changed the gel in the Huggies and it gave her blisters on her hiney so Pampers it was..
When they are in NB or 1, I prefer pampers. They seemed to work well with both my children. As they grew out of that size, I switched to generic. Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam's, whatever. They worked for my kids. A few months ago I bought a case of Huggies from Costco because with their coupon, they were the same price as Walmart brand. I hate them. My husband hates them. They sometimes leak. Maybe it is just my kid and Huggies aren't for her. That said, I am going back to the generic Walmart brand when this case is used up.
We do not use pampers due to all the chemicals they added to the diapers when they introduced their new dry max system which is now in all of their diapers. We use Huggies pure and natural and 7th generation.


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Have used just about everything under the sun and strongly prefer Pampers. Better fit and fewer red marks when changing diapers. They don't reek and are better at containing blowouts. Every time I have used Huggies they leak; didn't matter which kid used them and I've tried them on over 10 daycare kids as well as my own.

When I buy Pampers at Toys R Us I go when they have their buy two get a gift card, or but three and save $15, etc. and then use my coupons from Pampers and turn around and use the gift card for diapers. I know having a daycare makes for a unique buying situation but I usually save about $40 each time.
I've used Pampers (sensitive, swaddlers & cruisers) with all 3 of my children. I don't like the way the Huggies tabs are done and they didn't seem to fit as well. Pampers always worked for us & I can get them on sale (Amazon or store with coupons), so they end up at the same price or lower than the cheaper brands.

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i used mainly pampers for at home and the babiesrus brand for daycare b/c i could get them super cheap and they were changed every 2 hrs anyway. i found that huggies was a good fit between pampers sizes. the huggies nb was slightly bigger than the pampers one, and they worked when the next size of pampers were too big.


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We cloth diaper (BumGenius), but use Pampers Sensitives for church. I refuse to use the Dry Max due to reported chemical burns. I hate using disposables anyways since he almost always gets diaper rash from them.
Loved Pampers for sizes NB and 1. Especially the swaddlers, the little blue line indicator is amazing as someone else mentioned!

Then I switched to Huggies, which I love! They fit perfectly. I have tried generic diapers and hate hate hate them. They feel like paper - I wouldn't want that stuff covering my bottom, I'm not going to make my daughter wear them.