How much is your cell phone bill?


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We are looking at possibly switching cell phone providers but have no idea if we could get a cheaper plan elsewhere.

DH has a smart phone with unlimited data, txt and minutes and me and SD have regular phones with just the unlimited txt and minutes. Only SD has insurance on her phone as it's newer, and we also pay a small fee (like $5 or so) for family management plan where we can determine number of minutes that SD gets. We are paying, after a lot of stupid taxes, around $175 per month. I'm wanting to upgrade to a smart phone, but it's another $25 for unlimited data (or $10 for a minimum amount). I'm really not wanting to pay $200 a month for phones... does this sound like a typical bill for the above items?

We have tmobile and really like the family management we have on it, and we've never had any issues with them. So other than the cost, we would be fine staying with them. But no point in looking around if this is a typical bill for a cell phone service.


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we pay over $100 per line (2) with unlimited everything, it ridiculous when you think about that. when contract is over i will shop around. T Mobile is pretty inexpensive
I would totally go with Metro PCS if I were in Dallas 90% of the time but Im not


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I'm with ATT and my monthly bill is $166

I have 4 lines on it. I have unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimited texting. We share 720 "anytime" minutes and roll over thousands of them per month (see the unlimited mobile to mobile). My oldest has a Smart phone with the $25 package. The rest of us do not. I have insurance on my youngest DD's phone. I have the tow service on mine. Each of those is $5 mo.

I've had ATT for 8 years, so don't know if you can get that kind of price structure anymore. My mother pays far less than I because she's been ATT for like 12 years.

I get a new phone this month and am thinking about a smart phone. I gave up smoking (been 9 weeks!!) so maybe I'll gift myself with a well deserved new toy. :)

ETA: I get a 20% discount from my company affiliation.
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85$ for just me unlimited everything but 450 minutes on my iPhone with ATT. Make sure and check to see any company discounts that you may be eligible for. I have a 20% discount on mine.


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AT&T ~ 5 lines ~ $225 a month (approximately)....drives me crazy but I'm still thinking it's a necessary expense!
For my family it is necessary for sure. We are cell only. We're too busy and often scattered about so land only isn't an option.
Verizon, 5 lines, all basic phones, family plan, unlimited texting (teenage daughter :D ), 1400 shared minutes, 20% company discount....$160 month all fees etc included.


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We have 3 smart phones on our at&t plan, one is an iphone (is that more??) - we pay about $140 - no texting and it's media part is not unlimited (but we haven't had a problem staying within our usage).


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We have 3 smart phones on our at&t plan, one is an iphone (is that more??) - we pay about $140 - no texting and it's media part is not unlimited (but we haven't had a problem staying within our usage).
NO Texting? Really! How do you do that? LOL


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2 non-data phones on a family plan for about $75/month plus a land line for another $40/month. Basic texting on one phone for $5/month. I try to keep the old plan that we have and avoid anything that requires a "data plan". I have looked at converting the land line to cellular.
I have AT&T and my bill is $143 a month. That includes 3 smartphones, one has unlimited data package, the other 2 have a limit set on them. I get a 24% discount through work with them also.
Ours is about $250 per month with Verizon, but we have 2 iPhones and 1 Droid with the required data plans. It also includes the Verizon home phone and a laptop modem for travel. We have the 1400 minute plan, but I'm thinking of changing it to the next lower package since we don't come close to 1400. We also get a corporate discount... I think 20% off.

eta - I checked our bill and we have 2000 shared minutes, not 1400. My DH uses his phone for business. Our discount is 19% (odd number LOL) on the minutes package and data and 25% for phones and accessories (including iphones).
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Hm well it seems that's about average then for the options we have... stink. It is a necessary expense, well most of it. Actually I hate smart phones and am super old school with my cell but it seems they don't really make very many "simple" phones anymore.. so with my next upgrade it seems I have to get data :p

Wow seems like a lot of people get company discounts. Lucky!
In the case of Verizon, they DO still carry "old school" flip phones. They just don't have them displayed. You have to ask and then they bring out a box with those phones, which are usually free or very cheap with a contract extension.


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Finding a cell phone that will "just make a phone call" has very limited selection, though they do exist. Look for phones that are targeted to the "senior citizen" market (the ones with the oversize keypad). I have found LG handsets meet my needs most of the time.
Since DH's company pays for his, we only have to pay for mine which is $75/month and that includes unlimited text and data with 450 minutes (which I never come close to). We have Verizon and we also get a 20% discount, even on my phone. I have a new Droid phone.


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With AT&T, 2 Iphones, 1 droid and 1 plain phone for my mother, my bill is $195. My iphone and my son's droid is on the old unlimited data plan and my wife's iphone is on the $25 data plan. Have the $5, 200 text plan on my wife and son's phones. No plan on my phone so I get charged 20 cents per message. I've already griped at my boss for texting me one day. Told her to call next time.

For those getting % off discounts at AT&T, does it apply to the Iphone? I get 20% off thru my company but it doesn't apply to the iphones.

I think sprint would be a little cheaper for us but we had to drop them a few years back because we could never get a signal at our house. I really liked the fact that they could give my mom a local number on her phone since she lives in another state. That way her friends could call her and it not be a long distance call for them. AT&T said their system wasn't capable of doing that when we switched over.