How Do You Feel About the Growth in the Area?

Obviously it's a good thing for Texas, Dallas and Collin County that all the development is happening. I get that.

How do you feel about it personally? How will it impact your lives? I am thinking it might be awful crowded, wondering if heading south into the established areas of North Dallas, Richardson, Carrollton might be a good option. Our house values here have soared but so have those down that way too.

What will Frisco look like in 5 or 10 years? Schools impacted? Quality of life?


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I would love to see the growth stop where we are now, but that isn't going to happen. I would truly like to see no more apartment complexes being built. Overall, in 5 to 10 years, we will be like Plano, fully or nearly fully built out and packed with people and cars. Overall, I do think that the city and the school district have done a good job keeping up with the growth. Not to everyone's liking, but with continued growth will come more construction of school facilities to house these kids moving in. No way FISD can stop construction and still serve all the families moving into the district.


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I to hate all the apartments being built. I worry about what happens when the economy starts to stagnate or retreat. The apartment owners will want money and won't blink an eye to start going to low income housing to make up the difference. This could then have an effect on the home prices in that area. I've seen it happen in other cities I lived in. Hopefully nothing like that will happen until after I retire. I'm leaving Texas once that happens. I won't be able to afford the property taxes here.

I also hate the crowded roads. Heck, trying to get around on a Saturday is worse than the daily work traffic. I guess most people in Frisco must work from home and they all get out on the weekends.
Personally I think it is too much too fast. The roads simply cannot keep up with traffic. What used to be 2-3 minute run to Home Depot is now 10-15. Agree with above on weekend traffic. It was worse then driving to work in McKinney during the week. Not sure any place could handle the growth without the growing pains.

I do wish Frisco was more focused on being a place to work and live. It still is and I think will always be bedroom community. Leadership has seem more focused on building city into sport mecca whereas Plano seems to be trying to become a place to work and live now versus just a place to live. Just different priorities. I do wish the city had focused more on density and design when planning neighborhoods. It has become just a sprawl of cookie cutter homes on small lots. Schools are on par with those around it and you get tolled to go on any surrounding highway. With schools no better or worse then those around it what will make it stand out long term?


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Moved to the area in '01 and have loved it up until the past few years. Now I wish I could move to some place a little smaller like an Austin but from what I hear it's the same type of growing pains just on a smaller scale. I'm cool with suburb life but it's getting too crowded and the growth too fast. Plano and Frisco are about the same sq. miles but I keep hearing Frisco will be built out to 375k ppl while Plano sits at 275k...way too much.

Ideally I would love something more rural but then comes finding a decent job and the wife wouldn't be happy out in the sticks.

I'm sure a lot of you will take this next comment the wrong way but oh well - The Indians have also taken over East Frisco and are the majority there. It shouldn't be a big deal and I don't have anything against them generally speaking but it's just too much of a culture clash. Some of them are cool but those are very few and far between. My kids class is 70% Indian and I hear Richwoods is at least 90% Indian.


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City Manager Purefoy and Mayor Maso are smoking all you guys! Their actual action plan is to balloon Frisco up to 400K to 450K. Frisco's goal is to convince some major corporation or corporation's like Toyota North American Motors to relocate to Frisco. Population size, schools, infrastructure, above average housing, the arts, sports, a young educated work force and most important close proximity to major airports all and more has to be checked off! The availability of affordable housing for his lower level employees was the key for Toyota's CEO Jim Lentz's decision to relocate from Torrance, CA to Plano, TX.
As the prices in my neighborhood have escalated, people have gotten more stuck up and worried more about their lawns (more like other people's lawns) and less about each other. Recent neighborhood discussion are about getting code enforcement involved on a lot where a family's home was destroyed by fire. We are soft selling the house with no pressure to sell. Our selling point is very flexible close date - we'll get our number.

Kids are out of HS (almost), relocating to my Ranch in New Mexico where I am 1 mile from any other human being. Closer to bear, deer, elk, turkey and trout.


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I think Frisco had an opportunity to do something great around Frisco Square and squandered the opportunity (they picked a piss poor location for Toyota Stadium). I would have liked to have seen more developments like the Shops at Legacy, with commercial and retail stores surrounded by townhouses and nice apartments, but keeping the parking areas confined/underground and mostly out of sight. Focus more on walking and bike paths to limit most traffic to the main artery roads to make it feel more like a close-knit community. West Frisco along DNT and 121 should have been fairly densely populated with the detached housing neighborhoods taking up the rest of the space.


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Hate it. There's nothing you can do now to slow the growth. Driving anywhere around Frisco is a nightmare. I avoid the mall area like the plague. Kids will be out of school in 4 years, then we'll move somewhere less conjested.
Moved here in '01, also, and while I still like it here ... I do wish someone would hit the delete button on more apartments! And am I the only one who hears sirens way more often on a daily basis than before. Some days I don't hardly think the trucks make it back to the station house, than they are being called out again. I am thankful I get work from home. I try to time my trips to the stores around rush hour/school hours ... just so I can get out and back into my neighborhood without getting run over! Regarding home prices ... it scares me that prices in our area are reaching the high $300's to low $400's. I like that I can get a pretty penny for my home but then where would I go?


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move here summer '97, so almost 20 years now. We left Arlington to get away from the traffic and bad schools ;) Well, traffic followed us but schools are much better here. You really cant compare Frisco 1997 to Frisco 2017. in 1997, the growth was centered around Preston/Stonebrook-Rolater area. There were around 14k residents and only grocery was a Brookshires on Main/Preston. No Target/Wal Mart, Home Depot, nada, nothing much at all. I miss it, its not the same place. I didn't expect it to stay small but I did expect it to have smarter growth than what has unfolded. We are moving in 2 years, once kids out of HS.


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We moved from Frisco in 2013 (after 21 years), to New Hope, and now live in Denison. The drive is exactly 30 minutes from home to 75/380. My husband commutes to 635/tollway everyday. But, to not be in that mess all the time is worth it to him! I still have doctors in Frisco, and places I like to shop. But, I get aggravated every.single.time I am down there. Preston Road is awful, no matter the time or day. So glad to be up here where we can still hear the birds sing and admire the trees and green spaces!


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Punching out as well

Frisco is far from the city I moved to in 2004

Too much congestion. Traffic is getting ridiculous.

Feels more urban than suburban. Loved Frisco for many years but now...not so much.....moving north of Frisco.

Noticing lots of out of state plates......many from Calf. Hopefully those moving here appreciate our culture and priorities.....and not try to turn the area into something they moved here California
Too many apartments.
Too much traffic locally.

Still a good city located perfectly to get to both airports, but too far away from Rangers ballpark & AT&T Stadium.


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I punched out as well, my main concern was the damn property taxes.. Can't take this anymore..

We are buying a new home in WA, going to pay half the taxes..