Hi, It’s Amazon Calling. Here’s What We Don’t Like in Your City.’


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The economy is booming, businesses are knocking down the door to get here and home prices seem to have leveled off a bit.

We also don't have to pay 3 times the actual price for liquor. So....pretty good.


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When has a conservative proposed a confiscatory tax on companies? It is liberalism. Plain and simple
Conservatives don't tax companies they create tax systems that burden the lower incomes, like sales and excise taxes, cigarette taxes and liquor taxes, while creating large tax breaks for Jet Aircraft and golf courses.

I'm okay with lower taxes for businesses, as that lowers the cost of goods, but when the uber rich are paying less taxes overall while moving jobs to China and Mexico, and the lower 50% are being killed with local taxes, and basic wage stagnation, don't be surprised that more people need help with housing.

Our biggest job gains are not in manufacturing but in construction and health care. The population growth and the construction freeze from 2008 is the engine for todays construction jobs, and the rest of the jobs growth is in retail, low wage jobs, again more people need help with housing.

Trying to house the poor needs to be done by the community, not by making a company have more costs and hurting its competitiveness, even if it is Amazon.