Help with ideas - "The 12 Days of Christmas"


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I work at a church. Every year, they do something called "The 12 Days of Christmas" where the support staff gets blessed by giving them some perks/fun things to do.

Starbucks Run Day (Ministers do a Starbucks run with all the support staff's orders)
Popcorn and a Movie Day (get to watch a movie on work time)
Lounge Pants Day (get to wear sweatpants/lounge pants/comfort clothes to work)
Guacamole Day (One of the ministers brings Chips and Guac for the staff)

I need some other really creative ideas. It can't necessarily cost money unless it's really cheap. We are trying to NOT make it the "12 Days of Eating" or a lot of time away from our desks, which we don't have time for.

Ideas?? Ladies?? I need something outside of the box!
can you do bouquets of flowers and have everyone fill a little vase of flowers to take home? Prob could get the vases at the dollar store? And I know Trader Joe's has inexpensive bouquets of flowers for fairly inexpensive..

How about a whole bunch of stockings or santa hats that they get to decorate and fill with assorted items, candy, party favors. I guess you could Glitter their names on them.

Could you buy a whole bunch of $5 gift cards to various places and do a Gift Card raffle? Throw everyone's names into a Santa Hat and have one person select the name and they can pick out their fave gift card until everyone gets one

Could burn a CD with xmas songs on it and give one to everyone to enjoy on their drive to'/from work


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$1 Lottery Cards
Have a group make a book of favorite verses
Someone could make a CD of Christmas Carols

Pintrest may have some crafty ideas.

photo frames made with staff pictures
Game Day? We have TVs in our break room and had Wii tournaments one day. Or if a TV is not accessible, have everyone bring their favorite game from home.


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Think about things that you would want to do for fun during the holidays at work. Like "perks" for one day.


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Walk a Mile in their shoes.

Put everyones name and role on a piece of paper and draw them from a hat.
The persons name and role you pick you get to walk a mile in their shoes for the day.

Meaning you do their job for a day.


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- A personalized thank you note for each from everyone else
- Christmas ornament
- I know you dont want it to be 12 days of food, but seriously, give them at least 3 food days (1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 dessert)

and if you still need more, try communion wine all day :)
I would do an office "elf on the shelf". Whomever finds him each day gets a "reward". You can get cute Christmas stuff from the dollar store so the entire 12 days would only cost $12. (I like their platters -- very useful to have that time of year.)

I like the idea of roaming carolers for a day. Not sure if you work on weekends, but could easily get the youth group or kids choir to do this.... (or if you work late could do it one afternoon/early evening).

Cute handmade cards are also nice (especially to use for thank you notes after the holiday). Again, great project to make them for a youth group/Sunday school class.

My church gave the staff a CD of the choir doing their Christmas Concert. That was wonderful and not to hard to do...

Love notebooks are also nice. Make a small scrapbook for each member with scripture verses, people's thoughts of them, pictures. It is a great spirit builder and keepsake. A teacher did one of these for each of her students and my son LOVES it.

Best of luck...
How about an extra 15 minutes for lunch or leave 15 minutes early one day? I know the teachers at our school love when we do Sonic drinks. When I worked for a large company, we got all sorts of gifts from vendors. Our company raffled them off to the employees. I would imagine a church would get a lot of gifts at Christmas, maybe have a day to raffle those off.

Also, you could do coupons they could use later like:
your choice for lunch
come to work late (with the amount of time)
long lunch break
jean day (if you don't already dress casual)
Donuts and coffee in the morning? Or maybe hot apple cidar/hot chocolate?

Wear jeans to work if you normally have to be dressier?

Set up a wrapping station and give everyone an hour during the day to bring in their gifts and wrap them?

Maybe have a box of props (santa hats, elf ears, etc) and take silly pics of everyone?

Post a funny Christmas joke each morning?

I like the above ideas of $1 lotto tickets and having someone going around singing carols!


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Have a "no file" day or someother task that can be deleted for one or two days without too much trouble in the long run.
If your church has a kitchen, have the support staff bake cookies and then package them to give to the minisiters and to the elderly members of your church.
Really like the idea of the "singing ministers" and the breakfast, lunch and dessert/snack days over three days - yea, that's food but we really do enjoy it during the holidays - so enjoy it now and diet in January!
If you have a DVD player/TV, watch a Christmas movie and have popcorn at work instead of going to the movies.

(Hint: You could watch The Christmas Shoes…the ultimate Christmas movie about giving and keeping the Christmas spirit alive and having some faith…non religious)