Hearing the ice is here

Watching the local news stations and looks like ice everywhere. Some places people are driving slow but still lots of slippin' and slidin' !! Our thermometer says 27 here on north side.
Waiting till about 10am before heading out seems like a good idea.
Just be careful. Sleet/freezing rain is coming down pretty good on far east side near Independence/121.

A nice layer of ice on the roads has/is forming, and temps are not going to get any warmer; at least not above freezing.


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I just drove from Prosper to Irving. Everything was slushy and fine, but could get bad if the slushy stuff freezes.

There were also lots of sand trucks on the roads, both NTTA and local/country trucks. I even saw one with a snow plow on the front, but the guy was pulled over to the side and trying to figure out how to use it.
It is supposed to stay below freezing all day. Everything will re-freeze. Be careful out there. I don't plan to leave the house in the truck. May take DD out sledding though.


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Yes, agreed the ice is still a bad thing... but they were claiming 1-2" of sleet/ice, plus the cold weather. I haven't left the house, but looking out onto the road in front of my house, it's already melting from the ground temps below.
Drove down Preston from Eldorado to the mall to drop off the kid for work. Sparse traffic. Snow/ice mixture on the streets. Very passable at 35 MPH but mainly because there was so little traffic and I have 9 years experience driving in Minnesota.


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Anyone know the condition of 380 from Frisco to McKinney? DS has work tomorrow morning. Thanks!
I worry tomorrow AM could be worse than today. The sleet left a more granular accumulation that allowed some traction.

As we get traffic and melt.....once it re freezes it may be more smooth ice than granular.

Looks like we may get a little more sleet before tonight