Hay Fever

It seems like at about 1145 yesterday it started for me.

Clarityn and neti pott are not helping and 3-5 years of shots wont help me now.
I also shower 3times a day and have indoor clothes

My question is to FOL anyone have any prescribed meds from your doctor?


I suspect a lot of pollen comes in with the dogs, we wont keep them outside though.


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I've always had bad allergies. I now take a mixture of zyrtec, nasonex (nasal spray) and Symbicort (inhaler). I've never done better.
If you've never seen an allergist, or not recently, then i strongly recommend it.

I see Dr. Blomquist at AirCare in Plano. They did allergy testing and then tried medications and dosages until it worked.



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yes, already had round of antibiotic.

I take zyrtec, FloNase and do a good rinse nightly.
It takes 2 weeks for FloNase to work. depending on when I take Zyrtec D, I keeps me wake at night. I do take mucinex some days.

Also these things have worked for me:

raw honey
apple cider vinegar
green tea