Good news for La Tech fans and alums


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I made the same point yesterday on the Tech Athletics FB group page.... that Ven de Velde should have been shown the door immediately after the bowl game fiasco.

The Bulldogs were left out of college football's post season after Van De Velde declined to quickly accept an invitation from the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, holding out for other opportunities that never materialized.

Dykes left soon after Van De Velde said publicly he would not get into a bidding war to keep the coach and suggested that Cal consider another candidate.
Wow. I did not know Dykes left. Although seeing this and on the heels of the bowl game issue, I can't blame him.

``My experience at Louisiana Tech has been both rewarding and challenging,'' said Van De Velde, who took over in March 2010. ``I am proud of my contributions to the competitive and academic success of our student-athletes and coaches.''
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Yeah, Lou Holtz's son replaced Dykes. He didn't do that good a job at USF but did a good job at ECU. I guess we will see how it shakes out. Good thing is Reneau left, but it seems like the new president is part of the good ole boy network. I was hoping for someone from outside of LTU. That's part of the problem also.