Garage door repair

Does anyone know of a reputable company that services garage doors? The tension cord on our door snapped last night (randomly, I have no idea why) and we can no longer raise the door! Our home warranty does not cover repairs to the door so I need to find someone that can come and repair brother in law did come over and help to lift the door manually so I could get my car out...thank goodness, otherwise my car would have been trapped until someone can come out!
Thank you!
Probably after he gets done at my house. Must be garage door fixin day in Frisco today. Glad you had help to get yours lifted, my back is paying the price.


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I know I am reviving this thread but I have to give a positive review to Tommy with North Dallas Doors. The spring on 1 of our garage doors broke on Friday afternoon. Hubby called Tommy around noon on Monday and he was out within 2 hrs and within 15 mins had the spring replaced on my garage door. He even services my other 2 garage doors and now they are opening and closing a lot quieter then before.


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yup, I second, third and fourth Tommy at North Dallas Doors. He came out on a Sunday at 7pm after our main spring busted and got us fixed up in about 20 minutes. Highly recommend.