Frisco Receives State Award for Traffic Innovation, Safety


Scott Ellis
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Lot's of good things happening in Frisco on this front... glad to see it coming.

"Real-time’ traffic signal data sharing" is one I'm very excited about. I've heard 2018 Audi's have this integrated (as a beta for now) so if you're driving in Frisco it will tell you the optimal speed to hit all green lights, etc... very cool stuff.


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ITS American should come over to my neighborhood on Red Cedar at 11:00 or 2:45 everyday when the early child school parents are waiting in line to pick up their kids and they can see just how advanced Frisco is with handling traffic.:mad: They would take back the award.


Scott Ellis
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I think the idea is that Frisco is innovating, but it is going to take time for those innovations to come to fruition.

Things like the Real-time traffic signal data sharing depend on cars coming up to date (we're just getting the infrastructure in place) and the Waze Connected Citizen Program means people have to use it. It's going to take time but the city isn't sitting back not doing anything... and building more roads isn't the answer.

The other part of the award was for safety and I'm sure that played into this as well. Frisco maintains is ISO 1 rating which is not easy to get and has had it for many years. I think we were the first city in Texas to earn it. If you want to learn more about our ISO rating, jump to this podcast at time 7:45.
I do not see a category for Red Light Cameras????
I can 100% guarantee you that the RLC program in Frisco is very conservative in it's deployment of cameras and the data CLEARLY shows that the use of the cameras in limited numbers (3 total intersections) has reduced accidents in Frisco.

On top of that, 70% of the tickets were given to non-Frisco residents and the recidivism rate is single digit.

Go to Plano. They have about 5 times as many cameras PLUS they hit you for bad right on reds, which Frisco doesn't do.

PM me if you want further data.

Kudos to the Frisco traffic engineers for doing such a good job. Look for major changes to improve the Main and Legacy intersection in 2018.