Frisco housing market


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The Frisco housing market is dropping. Of course it was up about 35% in 3 years. The number of homes and dom is downright scary. Either people see the prices dropping and are trying to sell and profit or it's a big problem.

Add in Trump and his tariffs and the mortgage rates. Will be an interesting next 6 months for Frisco real estate. Stay tuned.
A slow down is probably not bad for entire N Texas market so it does not overheat too fast and we end up with Vegas crash. Selfishly, I hope it slows down into next year as I head back to DFW.


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I was wondering what happened to you Brian. Hadn't seen a post from you in a long time.

I figured the housing must be slowing down since I've been seeing a lot more open house posting in the for sale section. It really had gotten out of hand. Last year my boss finally had to put a bid in on a house she had not seen in person. Everytime her realtor would find her a house it would be sold before they could go look at it, and that was trying to see it on the day it listed.


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What I don't get is the people that sell to take the profit and then complain about how much they are having to pay for their new home. What did they expect? A good friend of mine was telling me of one of her friends that sold their house because the kids were gone and they wanted to downsize. They had to pay as much for their new place that was half of the size of their original house. I'm hoping to stay put until I retire and then move somewhere where the property taxes don't break me.