FRISCO Best Place to Live



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They won't have self-driving car perfected for a long time..flying cars continue to be a dream only. Now, if they could perfect the pill meal...


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Frisco was great for me when we were just getting started in life.. We could afford a nice quality of life on a very modest income.. Those days are gone now..


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We were at Merry Main Street from around 5.30 - 6.30. Wasn't that bad. Everyone tried to park in the library lot and along Page. We parked by the soccer stadium. Plenty of space and a short walk. We were able to be right next to the tree when it was lit.

Biggest grumble of the night was Cheney insisting on a shout out for his people. It isn't about you, mate.
How many participated in the Main Street parade back in the day it was on Main street?? We would combine with either McKinney or Allen just to make the parade long enough.