FOL Friendships: People and Friends we've met and stayed in touch with on FOL.


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I stay in regular touch with Rosmegnyc? and FriscoTx09...
I've recently met with ... lizzydalizzard? (omg I can hardly remember their FOL names.)
I saw Frisco Mortgage Guy this weekend at a Boy Scouts campout.
I FB with BeerGirl who had a different name before she met BeerMan through FOL and got married. (and I totally remember her name!!!!)

I think Rebel met someone from FOL and got married. I see him every now and then.

Obviously the Cheneys.

I haven't seen Van in forever but I just emailed her asking to go to her next happy hour!!!!

And that is just the icing of the cake. I love my FOL friends even thought I don't see them very much.

Post who you stay in touch with and how often? and how. Soooo many good friendships through FOL. Even if most of y'all are conservatives and I"m one of the few screamin' liberals. :)


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Wow is it safe to come back in here? Forum seems to be cleaned up a bit!
It's cyclical. A couple of days ago there were 4 pages of spam. Within that there were 2-3 legitimate threads.

It's just not worth it sometimes with the continuous barrage of spam. About every week or so a mod peeks in and declutters the forums, but then disappears. Frisco Online needs a moderator 7/24 to address the trolls and the spam. Without better supervision, FOL is going to continue to die a slow death as more and more people become frustrated and quit signing in.