Finger food ideas for a baby with NO teeth


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My 9 month old DD has NO teeth. However, she's so ready to self-feed. I'm just running out of ideas of what she can feed herself! We do dried cereal, steamed veggies, grilled cheese sandwiches, yogurt dots, and cut up fruit. What else would be easy for her to pick up (ie not slippery) and soft enough to eat without needing teeth? Would chicken be ok with no teeth?

This is a new one for me as my older DD had teeth at barely 4 months. She had nearly a mouthful at this age! ;)


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My DD was late with teeth and it amazed me what she could gum and she would not eat baby food..

Her favorites were the cooked diced veggies and spaghetti..

I basically fed her what we ate and just made sure it was cooked and very soft..


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They make baby 'puffs' too that my kids loved to eat at that age. They're a little easier than Cheerios because they seem to dissolve faster in their mouths.
Mini Ravioli-Earth's Best makes a cheese one in the freezer section. Gerber makes some that are on the baby food aisle.
Steamed Sweet Potato

To the poster above who suggested hot dogs-hot dogs should not be fed to children under 3. Tiny pieces or not they are the number one choking hazard for small children.


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Black beans & Avocado were my daughters favorite.
Very over cooked pasta, brown rice, green beans, baked chicken cut into small pieces, potatoes, peas, shredded cheese, Kroger & Market Street carry Boars Head deli meat and they will shave it vs slice for's so good, too! :) Hope that helps some!
My daughter is a big fan of avocado either :D;););)
Oh well, I didn't give my baby chicken at the age of 6 months(no teeth), but I guess in your case it would be alright to feed with well-cooked chicken
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