Fence post next to gate is coming out of the ground!


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Hi all,

We have a fence post that has worked its way out of the ground and its the one next to our fence gate. Because of this the gate does not close correctly and we've had to get "creative" with twine and such to keep the post straight and the fence closed.

Who do you recommend to fix such a problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like it's time to reset or replace the post. A bit of digging and a couple of bags of ready-mix should do it. You may want to take the gate off OR fully support the gate while the concrete sets.


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"Gumaro" Hernandez lives in Frisco with his family 214-960-9799 or son Salem 214-554-7576. Reasonable prices, dependable and reliable, keeps worksite clean.

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I didn't see any mention of whether that post was wooden or steel. I think the City of Frisco declared war on wooden fence posts about last August. That could make a difference on this repair.