FC FAST Soccer Academy (06, 07, 08 boys)

  • FC FAST is a Frisco-based independent soccer club playing academy and select soccer. We are a volunteer coached team and play in the same leagues as the "big" clubs but your don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to play - $200/season academy, $250/season select includes league registration, ref fees, tournament, practice-T, and custom uniform.
  • We will have at least 7 boys teams competing this fall for boys born in the years 2006-2008. Open practices start this Thursday (June 16, 5:30pm) on the field along Independence just north of Eldorado by Heritage HS. We also have free pickup games starting in a few weeks.We get many players from other academy teams tired of paying huge fees and from strong recreational players looking for a bigger challenge (BTW - boys can still play on the rec teams on Saturday and play academy on Sunday). Focus is on player development and having fun.
  • We invite your son to bring a ball/water and come get in some extra touches kicking a ball around with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to emailpaul@fcfastsoccer.com. Also, if you are a rec coach considering moving to academy/select we are happy to walk you through the process.
  • Coach Paul | FC FAST Soccer | www.fcfastsoccer.com
Our club has some opening still for boys born in 2007. We have our first fall skills session starting at 5:30 tonight near Heritage High School in Frisco and practice on Thursday (5:30, same location). Our academy season kicks off this weekend so there is still time. Feel free to bring your 07' son to check us out or just get some extra touches on the ball this week.We are now up to five 07' boys teams. Two of our teams that were going to play in a 7v7 top academy division just have been pushed into a 9v9 league due to better competition which created open roster spots. We carry small roster sizes to maximize playing time/development with just 10 players (3 subs) on those teams and are now down to just one sub per team and need to add two more players per team.Feel free to email me at paul@fcfastsoccer.com with any questions, hope to see you tonight!Coach Paul