Fathers Day


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We're an unromantic bunch. We're giving DH permission to go ahead and buy which tool he wants. He has his eye on a lathe, a drill press, and a jig saw. I know that we would buy the wrong one or wrong model, so we told him to go ahead and pick it out, Happy Father's Day! It's what works for us. For Mother's day I got the go ahead to buy the 2 slings I'd been eyeing. :)


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We usually do the standard dad type item.. something from Home Depot or Lowes. We don't usually spend a lot of money for Mother's Day and Father's Day, it's more about the thought.

This year we bought him a flashlight head band (he's been asking for one) and one of those levels that suction to the wall.

I've also seen a bunch of craft ideas on Pinterest. We're making something like this...

Candy bar poem:


I also like the coke bottles here:


More ideas here... Love the stuff using the "pop" theme, although my son doesn't call him that.



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Love the craft ideas!! We went last night and bought him a rangers shirt and cowboy gym shorts.. The girls picked them out so im sure he will like them.


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Last year I went to the little park down by the mall and I took pictures of the kids and framed the( they were really good pictures too, if I do say so myself). He also got some Manchester United themed gifts from the kids.

This year he is getting a nice dinner while we are in Florida, a Chive t-shirt ( silly I know but he will be surprised ) and more Manchester United themed crap ( oh I mean gifts). He and all the guys on my side of the family are getting a fishing trip next week while we are in Florida.


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Their Father's Day gift was early, but my dad & DH went to "Steak 101" class at the Local Yocal in downtown McKinney. They LOVED it and are planning on taking their other guy friends.


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Going to World Market for beer. You can fill one of their carboard six-pack containers with six different bottles.