Fast Facts – Frisco ISD Bond and Tax Ratification Election (TRE)


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TRE talk is everywhere in Frisco right now. Do you fall into the category of “well-meaning but uninformed voter"? Here are your easy-to-digest facts and FAQs about the upcoming Bond and TRE. Share with anyone who may need this info... Fast Facts - Frisco ISD Bond and Tax Ratification Election
I missed the part in your fast facts where it says the lowered rate goes back up again in 2-5 years.

Essentially, this is the same increase they asked for last time, but they're trying to camouflage it with a temporary tax decrease.
I think one of reasons last one failed is FISD was completely tone deaf. They did not understand or care how people's pocket books were impacted by rising tax valuation. My house had increased 30% in three years and guess what my taxes were higher. I understand the different funding buckets but voted no because I had already been beaten with 30% higher tax bill.

If I recall election day was also opening weekend for The Star. Again different funding bucket but talk about tone deaf. Asking for more money for people already hit with tax increase same day you open fancy high school stadium that got $100M+ of public funding.
Allen had a TRE vote a few years ago and passed it to stave off a funding "crisis" brought on by the state. Fast froward a few years of huge tax base appreciation and the completion of most of Allen's building during the economic downturn and therefor lower costs and Allen STILL REFUSES to rollback the TRE. For all the tough talk in Denton and Collin County on fiscal stewartship and low taxes, they sure like to walk a different walk.
When it comes to defeating bond referendums unfortunately you have to do it every election. The PRO spend more money team is always funded well enough to run it up the flagpole again regardless of need. In the end they know that all they need is one victory and they have all the money they will need until of course they need more again.

I scratch my head in wonderment as assessments continue to rise well above the inflation rate simultaneously with ISDs wanting more money per $100 of assessment. In the words of mayor Mike Simpson - It's just a movie, popcorn and soda - RIGHT??.