Experiences at Aalam Salon?

They are excellent. Two brothers and a 3rd person started it. They all came from Red Door and Toni & Guy. Mansour Aalam has been cutting my hair for several years. Nice place, relaxed atmosphere. Prices are slightly less than Red Door and Toni & Guy.
I am a guy and really like it. I've used Mansour for most of the last 5 years. I've got really straight hair and my haircut is the one thing I splurge on after years of bad haircuts at places like Supercuts or SportsClips. I tried out The Gent's Place for a while and really liked the concept but never found a stylist that did as good a job as he does. So when the one stylist that did decent job left I went back to Mansour at the new place.
DONT GO HERE! Ihave been a client here for over 8 years, primarily because I love my colorist and have gotten good haircuts from various stylists. They recently changed their policy and now charge $40 after coloring services for an INTERN to do a “quick” blow dry. This doesn’t include styling-just drying -your hair. Previously, this service was complimentary. As someone who colors her hair religiously every 5 weeks for $120 with occasional extra services such as gloss, deep conditioning treatments and highlights throughout the year, this added expense to every service isn’t feasible. I also think blow drying after a coloring service is a pretty basic expectation. I shouldn’t have to leave the salon with dripping wet hair and I shouldn’t have to go home immediately and spend more time drying my hair after an appointment.
The first appointment after the policy change I wasn’t even told until checkout. The charge was waived when I said I hadn’t been told at the time of booking. I tried to talk to the manager but he was too busy to discuss. My next appointment, now aware of the charge, I opted to forego the blow dry. My drive home was so uncomfortable with soaking wet hair just dripping down my back. When paying the kind of money I pay every 5 weeks, I shouldn’t leave the salon unhappy or resentful. I decided to leave a review on Yelp explaining my unhappiness and asking them to change the policy back to a complimentary blow dry with services to retain loyal clientele. The review, as this one, was honest yet fair and provided constructive criticism.
Rather than calling me to address as a business owner should I instead have been blackballed from the salon. When it was time to schedule my next appointment I was told I could not without manager approval and that Nasser would call me back at the end of the day. He never did. I called the next day and left a message politely requesting a call back and more than willing to have a conversation about the policy and my review. I never received a call back. So it seems that not only does this salon not value its clients but finds them expendable if they dare to speak their mind and leave a fair and honest review.
These business practices speak volumes about the owner both personally and professionally. I am more than happy to no longer be a client of the salon and will make sure to tell all the people I have referred over the years of what has happened. I also hope anyone reading this review considers bringing their business elsewhere. While there is no question staff is talented, I don’t want to support a business that treats clients in this manner.