Exide Lead Meeting Scheduled with TCEQ

The State implementation plan (AKA TCEQ's plan to avoid the EPA) for Lead Stakeholder Group will have a public meeting.

January 19
6:30 PM
Frisco City Hall

Comments on the plan can also be submitted to:
siprules@tceq.state.tx.us.com - Please include the line "Lead Stakeholder Comments" in the subject line.

There is an article in today's DMN describing the meeting and some the findnigs from the lead blood testing.
The meeting was pretty civil. Although I wish more of the Council was there. Jeff and Bob were there. Mr. Barar, the plant manager was also in attendance in the back but failed to or did not want to be recognized.

I will have more on this later, but I will tease you with a headline.

Greater than 95% reduction of carcingous emmission could be attained in addition to the effective elimination of the lead issue at Frisco for $20 Million. Yet, Exide has not implemented those changes.
One of the citizen input speakers at the meeting last night indicated that there is a duty for RE sellers to disclose the non-attainment status for all RE transactions within a 3 mile radius of the Exide plant.

Does anyone in RE/RE Law know how accurate that statement is?

I put the wrong email address in the first post, but I cannot change it the correct email should be....

Comments on the plan can also be submitted to:
siprules@tceq.state.tx.us - Please include the line "Lead Stakeholder Comments" in the subject line.

Sorry about that.


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Thanks for posting about this and keep posting. I didn't know about the meeting and couldn't have made it anyway. I appreciate the information shared.


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So I have been reading about our lead smelter plant and doing a little research and I have some questions to just toss out there.......
In a recent article in the Denton paper it was reported that the plant put 1.67 tons of lead into our air. Where did that lead go ?
Where the lead readings taken at the Exide plant ? Are they at their property line or are they at the point of out put ? How much of the lead recycled at the at Frisco plant is recycled internally by Exide, and how much of it is sold on the London Metals Exchange by Exide ? The wind primarily blows in 2 directions here - South to North in warm weather, and North to South this time of year. Even though it says the non-attainment area has been reduced, what are the readings in Starwood, and at Pizza Hut Park ? There are million dollar homes with in view of the smelter plant, they are not effected ? Really ?
Children are effected by lead more so than adults, how many adults whose children play soccer at Pizza Hut Park every weekend would be interested in knowing what the lead readings are there ?
Frisco High School is in the Non-Attainment area - so we have high school kids going to school where we know the air they are breathing is sub standard. What is FISD's position on this ?
What are the disclosure requirements for selling a house if the house is or was in a non-attainment area ? If there are none, should there be ? Will blood testing reveal the all of the respiratory and other diseases from the lead ? As I understand it, there is no acceptable amount of lead that should be in your blood, so what about the traces of lead that is found, no matter how minute ?
How different is the Exide plant from the RSR plant in West Dallas - that is now a Superfund site ? What are the differences, what are the similarities ?
Is it true that as a part of the free blood tests being offered by Exide, you had to sign a document releasing Exide from any liability ? If that is true then why would Exide be worried about liability if they are telling us it is safe ? How many day care centers are within the OLD non-attainment area ? How many are in the new Non-Attainment area ?
Some of these questions may have already been answered and I am late to the dance, but they all should be in the back of our mind as long as that plant is open and operating in or community.
Here is the website set up based on the January SIP Meeting.....


The TCEQ is extending the deadline to submit informal comments on suggested control strategies applicable to Collin County's attainment demonstration for the 2008 Lead National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). The deadline has been extended to Monday, February 14, 2011. The TCEQ will accept informal comments by e-mail at siprules@tceq.texas.gov, or by mail sent to: TCEQ, Att. Holly Brightwell, P.O. Box 13087, MC-206, Austin, TX 78711-3087. Please reference "Lead Stakehodler Group" in the subject line.

Here is the Presentation PDF...

TCEQ still has not answered my question on how do we access the Lead monitoring data. There seems to still be no easily accessible lead monitoring data since 2008. I also think since the TQEC reduced the size of the Non-Attainment zone and it no longer clips Starwood, the bigger guns of public discontent have been silenced.

For all you blood test flag waivers - please take note. Elevated lead levels in blood ONLY reflects exposure in the past 90 days or so. After that the lead has been absorbed into bone. Therefor, blood lead levels can be low while bone lead levels can be high. So let's not put too much stock in the free blood tests.
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