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We did something similar to that not too long ago before moving here from California.

We we used Facebook, Craigslist, and 5miles to sell A LOT of stuff that we didn't need. Give those options a try!

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I had an incredibly bad experience trying to get rid of a house full of stuff on Craigslist. I will pay someone thousands to haul my stuff to the dump before I try Craigslist again.

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That's my concern as well, if I do 50 ads for the items individually it's gonna be a PITA and dealing with the inevitable scammers.

Do we have any ebay stores in the area??

We have good stuff and high quality furniture so that can be troublesome too.


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Hey there, I'm Amy, with Caring Transitions. We offer everything you need to make your transition to your new home. Things we do, decluttering, staging, Estate Sales, packing, and moving, and resettling to your new home (unpacking, organizing, hanging pictures) myself and two other women have interior design background.
as far as using Facebook Garage Sale Pages to sell your items, I actually use it, it's great, when the people show! It also takes a lot of work, and patience to do it.
I've had terrible experiences with Craigslist, I will never use again.
Garage sales are good, but unless you enjoy haggling every item you own on your weekend, just to make a little money, it's not worth it.
if you would like to talk more, please contact me.
my email is