Energy Audit/ HVAC Airflow Balancing recommendation


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Does anyone know an independent person who does this kind of work? I have used well known HVAC company here and they mainly are just good at the basic tune up. I have big time imbalance issues in my house and it is causing my units to run like crazy.


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I would be curious at what it cost to fix this imbalance. Currently upstairs, our "dump" room is my sons and so it is always a huge temp difference between his room and all the others. I don't know why they didn't make the game room as the "dump" room. I mentioned it during my last tune up and they made it sound like it would be expensive and not worth it.
I don't have any personal experience of Trane company for replacing or repairing any HVAC equipment. But I remember a few years ago when The AC of my uncle's home got damaged and pouring water, at that time one of his friends suggested him to call to the good air conditioning company clifton NJ as the uncle was living in NJ. The professionals from the company did the work very well, and thus from that time uncle didn't face any AC related issues.


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I had a two story home with 2 HVAC units in the attic. The upstairs bedroom closest to the HVAC was cold as ice while the room furthest away, which also got more late sun, was always hot.

The answer was to add adjustable valves at the plenum, the place where the ducts originate on the AC unit. The airflow was balanced so that the temperature was the same in each room and I could make any adjustments if needed. If you have separate duct work to each room it is far more energy efficent to add the valves to the plenum due to energy lost as the air compresses in each duct that is shutdown at the end of the duct, by the room vent. You also don't have the air noise of compressed air at the room vent if you use plenum valves.

However, it was easy to balance the air in that particular home as each room's duct work originated at the same location on the AC unit. Some homes have long duct work that simply reduces in area the further away it gets from the HVAC unit and the only control is by the room vent in each room.

I used All Service Heating and Air in Plano for the service, they service Frisco as well.
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