Duck Dynasty star thrown out of NY hotel


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Robertson laughed it off and said he was the victim of “facial profiling.”
Good for him.

Why do I get the feeling that if he were a member of some professional victim class, his first move would be to angrily lawyer up instead of laughing it off?


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That is funny. IDK how much it was about the beard, probably more about the clothing. There is a huge population of Hasidim there all traditionally and unruly bearded.

I do think the DD guy handled it well - maybe he should talk with Oprah on "discrimination" and making a joke instead of a federal case out of it lol
The Robertsons said they were “absolutely not offended” by the incident and said they love staying at Trump Hotel.

“We were laughing — wait until the Donald hears about this,” he said.

And for what it’s worth, they hope the staff member doesn’t get in trouble.
“He was just as nice as he could be — escorting Jase to the park,” Al said. “And honestly, if I was in his shoes — I’d have done the same thing.”

What a contrast to Oprah and her claim of racism in Switzerland recently...


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Maybe it is a profiling thing.

"Ironically, it’s not the first time the men of the Louisiana family have been mistaken for homeless people.

“One time, we were in New York City and people put money in Willie’s coffee cup,” he said. “Dad was speaking at a church once and one of the members showed him where the homeless shelter was.”"
I love that show, my most favorite show on free TV now. The best episode is when he invited his Daughters boyfriend hunting.

I tell my friends that I've done seen folks like that during my tiem in Texas but mostly in East Texas. Greenville to be exact. Was there nuclear testing done in Greenville back in the days?