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The road to obtaining a driver's license can be daunting for parents and their new drivers. Do you recommend parent-taught or enrolling in a formal course? Find guidance and resources in this article, and leave a comment with your advice or questions for other parents.

Navigating Driver's Ed in Frisco
Depends on the kid AND the parent. I taught high performance driving to adults and I would not let somebody else teach my kids BUT I cannot say that I am the best resource on all the minutia rules of the road.

Is there a cop following your kid looking for a minor infraction they can pop them on - Somebody else would be a better in instructor.
Sudden ICE storm and you need to get home over treacherous roads - You want me teaching the kid.

The written test in Texas is a complete waste of time. But I can suggest to any parent going through the process - your kid needs lots of seat time in a lot of different situations. I always had my kids talk to me during their driving and I'd ask them lots of questions.

1. What's the name of the road you are turning on next, how far away is it?
2. What sign did we just pass?
3. Which direction are we headed? (Forward is NOT the right answer kiddo)
4. How many seconds of room is there in front of us??
5. What's the color of the car behind us?
6. Make them critique you when you are driving (Try not to kill them in the process)

They should also have a basic understanding of car mechanics

1. How do you safely change a tire
2. How do check your oil, air filter, trans fluid?
3. Tire Pressure - I would always let half the air out of tire and see if they notice, what do they do, how does the car react.

You should plan on your kid driving with you for a full year regardless of what the rules are. The stuff listed above is NOT taught by driving schools.


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Tire pressure doesn't work now with all the cars having low tire sensors.

I would fail your test. I rarely know the name of a road. I just know where I'm going and how to get there.
The road name test is to determine if the student knows where they are going or are they going to try to play google maps on the fly. It does not take a lot of stress to get a kid into the panic zone or at least impaired state where they are more worried about where they are going instead of situational awareness about cars around them.