Done with FGC


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Third time was enough. Over 2 hour wait for members again. Nights and weekends it's always the same. Too many customers, not enough staff and lanes continually closed for LTC qualifications or reserved for higher members. I would rather drive a little distance than kill 2 hours waiting for a less than quality experience. Renewal is cancelled.
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The beauty of having a membership is being able to reserve a lane. I do it all the time with no wait on rifle or pistol. Gun ranges are the new gym memberships these days. Give it a month and it will calm down once everyone is done playing with their new toys.


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Hubby didn't go as often as he wanted to last year, so he decided he was not going to renew in 2016. They charged his card for the 2016 membership with no notice whatsoever. No mail, no email, nothing. He got them to reverse it, but I hope this isn't what they do to all of their members.
I was there the other night – wait was not too long but was confused by how many lanes stayed open without shooters and never got a clear response from staff as to why?
Never have given them a chance. Once we finally got more 22lr ammo after Black Friday this year and purchased our larger caliber hand guns, we've been going to Eagle Gun Range over in Lewisville.


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I was a member and the reserve a lane is not working well enough. They have gone from an hourly lane rate to all the time you want. Non members are staying on the lanes a lot longer.
I've never had to wait on a lane when going a a time other than weekends. As a member, I make reservations when I want to visit on weekends. The week between Christmas and New Years was very busy and an anomaly since so many were off from work. During this time frame, and I was flexible, I called and asked when lanes were available and made reservations accordingly. I'm glad they are busy. It means they are meeting a demand and will be a thriving business. It is a beautiful facility and I'm glad I don't have to use a dumpy, dirty gun range in the back of a old, tired shopping center.


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Tuesdays and Wednesdays around 4-6pm are slow times according to the staff. I went there a week ago Wednesday at 5pm walked in and got a lane to shoot with no problems.