Does anyone know how to dispose of a 65 inch TV?


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We're ready to let go of our 14 year old, 65 inch rear projection TV, but have no idea how to get rid of it! The City of Frisco bulk waste pick up doesn't accept televisions, and a service like 1-800-got-junk is a minimum $139. I've thought maybe a TV repair person might want it for parts or to repair themselves, but how do I find that person?

If you're interested yourself, here's the scoop on the TV: We took really good care of it... kids weren't allowed to touch the screen EVER, and we never moved it over the years. But it's old...and now takes a very long time to warm up and power up. Like, 40 minutes! From what I’ve researched, it likely needs new capacitors of some sort. But we’re not interested in doing it. We'll just give it away for free. The tv comes apart in two pieces for moving it. I have pictures of it, as well as the original manual and remote.


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Good luck. We tried for over a year to age rid of a 55" rear projection tv. Posted on here and the local neighborhood forum and had a couple of people express interest but backed out once they learned they would have to actually move it themselves. You are getting a free tv, why do you expect me to also move it for you. We even tried some churches but they weren't interested. Finally just stuck it on the curb for bulk trash and it was gone the next day.


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I had an 'entertainment center' for an analog TV. I slid it out of the house and onto the driveway. A little time with a circular saw and a sawzall reduced it to manageable pieces. Voila' it's no longer an entertainment center; just some chunks of wood and metal. Wear safety glasses and work gloves. The sawzall may need a metal-cutting blade but they are inexpensive. Sweep up the sawdust.