Disney Land

So we've done Disney World and this year we want to check out Disney Land. It doesn't look like there are lots of character meals like at World. Do they only have character meals at the resorts? None at the parks?
What about transportation? Do they have transportation between resorts and parks like at World?
We've done Disneyland a couple of times, most recently in Aug 2013 with our 3 kids. DL is not anything like DW. DL is in the middle of a regular city. Most hotels do have some type of bus transportation for a minimal fee from the hotel to the park enterance. However, you can also just walk depending on where you are staying. Have not done character meals at DL, so can't help with that; but we love doing those at DW.
I have never been to disney world before so I cannot really compare the 2. Disneyland has 2 parks California Adventure Park and Disneyland, they are right next to each other. There are 3 Disney Resorts, Paradise Pier, and Disneyland hotel. These are on the property so the only transportation you need from those hotels is the monorail.
For "off property" hotels there is shuttles (Trams) that operate between all the various hotels. Most hotels do not have their own shuttles but use the combined hotel shuttles. Some hotels do have their own shuttle, which is a bonus because you can get to the park faster. Some hotels are within walking distance.
I cannot really comment on character meals as we have never done one. I know there are a few at the disney resort hotels. There is also a restaurant in the California park that hosts the character meals.
I love Disneyland Cars Land blew me away.


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we went last summer and it was at the resort. It was kind of a pain. We did take the monorail but ended up still having to walk quite a ways (we did Goofy's Kitchen). Other odd thing was we went for an 11AM reservation and it ended up being the breakfast menu.
If you have boys (or maybe girls) you might think about Legoland. We went there first and our boys still talk about it compared to DL. It was awesome.