Did you know that Frisco ISD has changed the 8th grade middle school volleyball and basketball games to Wednesday nights????


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Frisco ISD has decided to change the days that the 8th grade girls and boys will play volleyball and basketball from Thursday night to Wednesday night. Middle school games have always been played on Thursday nights!! There was no communication about this to the parents. I'm not sure if they affects your child's after school activities but it does affect many athletics that play club sports. The club's plan their practices around "Thursday night" middle school games. Most middle schools in the area have games on Thursday nights including Prosper, Plano, and McKinney ISD's . On another note, many families attend Church on Wednesday nights as well. There was no communication that came out to the parents about this change. Don't you think that maybe the district should of let the parents know of the change before we spent thousands of dollars signing sports contracts? I posted this because I am not even sure that people know about this change. If this affects your middle school child, please send an email to the district athletic administration making them aware of this situation they have caused moving the dates and not communicating this change to the parents. Send the email: Grace McDowell- McDowelG@friscoisd.org; and David Kuykendall- KuykenD@friscoisd.org. You can also include your Athletic Director and Principal at your child's middle school.
Nothing will be done if we don't speak up about it.