Cutting the cord - is there a good option?


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Just cut the cord today, been testing services the last month. Amazon, Hulu and Playstation Vue (mid range package) gives us everything we watch. 1/2 the cost of Uverse, and that includes the $10 per month bump for having standalone Gigapower through AT&T (note: we had 5 cable boxes, so there was a fairly decent cost savings just from ridding ourselves of those monthly charges.)
We have an HD antenna in the attic above a second floor bedroom. Reception is great and picture is better than cable was.
We did this 2 1/2 years ago and never once looked back. HD 1080 uncompressed video is unreal- you can see incredible details on Fox football games from the Rose Bowl, among other sports. With a couple Roku units with Hulu and Netflix, we spend under $20/month. We put a Lava HD-2605 on a long piece of PVC pipe in the attic, aimed it towards Cedar Hill, and enjoy free, uncompressed TV.
So after 3 months on Sling we moved over to Playstation Vue. Here are a couple reason why Playstation Vue was a better option for us

1. Channel line-up. We like Discovery channel and that was not part of any Sling package
2. Able to pause and replay live TV. Sling did not offer the feature on channels we watched.
3. Cloud DVR. Having option to record shows will be nice - not something Sling had.
4. Access via channel apps. Sling was very limited which channel apps your credentials allowed you to access locked content. Aside from ESPN app not any worth watching. Playstation credentials gives access to all the big channels so we can easily watch any new shows that we have missed and can use our older Apple TV via the app for that channel.

Playstation finally launched an app for 4th gen Apple TV last week. That was also a bigger seller for me as we have Apple TVs and Roku as streaming devices.

Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling and Playstation options see no reason to go back to traditional cable ever again.



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Trying out the new DirectTV Now for a few days. Have Sling, Netflix, Hulu and OTA now. DirectTV Now came online today and it streams a lot better than Sling. The initial promo pack is $35 for 100 channels which they say will be grandfathered when promo is over. Don't care about DVR or pause and it allows to go back and watch prior episodes. For 5 dollars more than Sling it might be worthwhile. It won't work on Apple IOS yet or Roku yet but it streams fine from laptop. You can also watch anywhere without data charge if your Att wireless customer.