Custer Transfer Station

I’m there at least once a month. Yes, bring drivers license & a recent copy of Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Richardson or Allen water bill. You must bag all loose papers so they don’t blow away. (I had to return home once to get trash bags.) You don’t have to bag leaves or tie up limbs, there’s a separate area away from household trash. I just push the piles out of my trailer with a broom or rake. No big appliances. No paint cans or chemicals. You can go free up to 2 times a month. Though they’ve let me in a 3rd time several times. 8 am to 430 pm. Closed Sunday.
It's a great service. FYI, I was able to rent a pickup and large open trailer from Uhaul (custer and 121) for $60 to haul a HUGE amount of refuge to the transfer station. So even if you don't have a garbage worthy vehicle, you get 'er done for next to nothing.