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I have to buy a new CPAP mask.
Where is the best place to buy one locally?
I'm not having much luck finding a comfortable one on-line and the one I liked has been discontinued.
If I don't do something about my snoring, my wife says I might not make it to Christmas.
What kind of mask did your doctor/sleep study recommend? If you haven't had a study in quite a while, you should have one done so they can properly calibrate your machine settings and also try out different masks to find the one that best suits you.

Don't forget, CPAP isn't just about keeping you quiet, it's also about keeping you alive...if you aren't wearing yours and one was prescribed after a sleep study, you are risking more than just an elbow in the ribs from your wife.

If you want to contact someone regarding supplies, maybe try the contact info below. I haven't ordered from Casey since the end of last year, so hopefully the contact info is still current.

Casey Adams
972 -890 -9444


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What type of mask do you like? Full mask or nasal pillows?

I really like the Resmed Swift LT.The way the tube attaches you can sleep in any position.

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I've been using this style for about 5 years now. Luckily, with my weight loss, my last sleep study dialed the pressure way back so I am close to weaning off of it.

As far as local places, it's hard to find CPAP supplies locally. I usually get mine from
Don't forget, CPAP isn't just about keeping you quiet, it's also about keeping you alive...

My 37 year old neighbor died in her sleep early November because the doctors had not found the 'proper' mask for her extreme condition. Don't wait another day.


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I've been happy with my Resmed over the nose mask but it is worn out. The quick release clips broke, so I glued them in place. Now the Velcro is not holding.
I tried the nasal pillow several times. I could fall asleep with it but at some time during the night it felt like I was being suffocated. It was a very strange feeling.
I'll try Casey Adams. I've given too much of my money.

FlowersFromMyHome, sorry to hear about your neighbor. That is too young.


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Majors Medical Services
2601 W. Mockingbird Ln.
Suite 101
Dallas, TX. 75235
Office: 214-951-9710
Ask for Amber
I went there personally and found a good collection and tried them on, might call to check if you will be using an insurance plan.