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We'd like to do a small upgrade to our kitchen - new countertops/backsplash (preferably Silastone or Corian)....I tend to ALWAYS find myself at Lowe's asking for quotes when I know there's tons of other places/people out there that can do this job! Any recommendations of companies/people that do this work? Middle of the road pricing, solid job, good customer service, please! We'll eventually want to upgrade bathroom too. Thanks in advance!!!
Check out all the flooring places around Frisco. While looking at flooring, we noticed they all have countertop materials, backsplash, etc.-----not just flooring. They all give free estimates.
Zeus Floors-Plano

Zeus Floors just finished my kitchen and it looks beautiful. I was going to do Corian but after I received a reasonable quote on granite I went with that and travertine backsplash. I told Mr. Lopez my budget and he went from there. Give him a call at 972-767-8418


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*** J & H Family Floors ***

He did my backsplash and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! If you'd like to see pix, send me a PM with your email address.

I would have had him do my granite but I would have had to pay for it out of pocket/up front then get reimbursed by my general contractor and I wasn't prepared to do that for such an expensive item.


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We just had ours replaced... The granite came from Lowe's and we picked the tile out at Lowe's and hired a contractor to put in the tile backsplash. Love the look...

I also cannot sing the praises of J&H more.... They didn't do my countertops but did do my flooring.... Transformed my house....

Tried to get a good pic of both but I'm on the phone.
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