Council pulls park naming from consent agenda?


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So a former FOL alum currently on council decided he doesn't like naming a park after a former Mayor because she isn't dead yet? I know, I know he objects to the "process". Well whether it was intended or not this is a real kick in the face to a lot of people that appreciated her work and view her as playing an integral part of what Frisco is today. I'd understand if she was still serving, but she is long gone and frankly deserves to be recognized in my opinion.


Why would this council person do this? I've not been in Frisco very long, but from where I came from a small town in California, we honored our past leaders and they didn't have to be dead in order to do so. It is my opinion that we should honor them while alive.

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We do have a street named for this person.
But, when she moved back to the area from out of state, why didn't she return to Frisco instead of Prosper/Celina? That's like not 100% support for your old town.


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Am I "former" if I still post? (Obviously not often since someone else let me know about this thread)

I have a ton of respect for you AGH, I know you've spent your fair share of your own time serving the city. This truly wasn't about her, even though many people want to make it seem that way. I objected to the naming of City Hall, and Simpson Plaza, way back when as well, for the same reason, and have conversations with George about it. Its a long held belief, and has nothing to do with the person recommended, or any of the individuals for which something is currently named.

It would have been better timing to consider this process prior to any recommendation, and in fact last fall I had been told there were no plans to name the park, so hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about it given everything else we have going on, so when this came up on our agenda it was a surprise to me, and everyone.

The last time we named a regional park was over 11 years ago, there has been no change to our process since that time. The reality is we don't have a defined process per se, just "what we've always done" While I don't believe in naming for living people, I think I'm in the minority on that, so if we do, then we should be able to hold up those accomplishments to the test of time. I don't think our process does that right now. in 50 years people won't have a clue who Bacchus or Warren are, which would be a travesty.

We did not deny the park be named for her, but we did all agree the process should be improved before a decision is made, which is why it was tabled, pending revision.

If anyone would like to see my full comments from last week they are posted on my FB Page.


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Rebel, I doubt that you really could have anticipated just how sensitive this would be for a lot of us. Frankly I took this probably a little more personally than I was expecting and wasn't aware of the tabling until I read the paper Friday. It seems to many of us that have been around here for a long time like a lot of people just want to close the book on how we got here as a city and the people that helped make the journey possible. I think in some ways this issue is representative of that feeling.

I do understand your feelings about naming facilities as I felt naming a facility for someone still serving to be a little weird and at first when I became a part of the actual process, it also was a little strange naming a facility for someone still alive. So I really do understand where you are coming from but that stopped being an issue for me when I saw the joy in Harrold Bacchus's face when what had been referred to as the Southeast Community park became a wondrous facility after him.

I believe one of the points of naming these facilities after someone is to show gratitude and respect for what that person has done for the city and it's people. I realized after shaking Mr. Bacchus's hand and seeing the tears in his eyes, my gosh, what better way to show that respect and gratitude than to do it while the person is right there witnessing it to see how his/her community feels about what they have done for the city.

I know you talk about a lack of "process", but as a person that took part in the naming of many facilities here in town, I believe all that is lacking is putting the steps down on a piece of paper and that should not have stopped this particular naming. When the Park Board Members undertake this effort, there is considerable thought and effort put into who and why something so permanent should be named after this person or that person. The fact that this was tabled and a comment made about revisiting after the election due to "politics" is even more egress as it ignores specifically why the person was chosen in the first place. The Park Board looks at many different things in making these naming decisions, none taken lightly; what did the person do to contribute to the city? How long was the person involved with the city? What kind of long term impact did the person have on the city? What kind of person were they? All of these and more, but NO where has there been any consideration of that person's politics. It's all about what impact that person made on Frisco.

With that said I cannot see how developing a "process" should stop the naming of this park after who is obviously a candidate that is well qualified for this honor. Define the process, great. Just don't do it at the expense of this person that contributed so much to Frisco.
With the city now latched onto all things Jerry Jones maybe they will start selling the naming right to parks :)

Read last week a Boeing division is moving to Plano - another huge job creator but hey Frisco got 250 Cowboy jobs.


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I get that a lot folks still don't like the Cowboy deal but the Boeing thing is not a huge deal for Plano....I think the biggest local presence is the Aviall ( for this division for this Boeing) down in Dallas.

An exact square footage has yet to be finalize with about 50 leadership executives and support staff at the site. This office will include Boeing Global Services top executive President and CEO Stan Deal.
Are we talking about Seei?? She lived in Prosper/Celina because she was doing MAJOR consulting work for them. She termed out of Frisco and moved up Dallas parkway to the next stop. I never remember Seei having a big park presence so I am not sure of why a park would be an appropriate gesture. Maybe a shopping mall.