*cough* Remember Me!? *cough*

Hey everybody!

Long time no see!! I abandoned the life of FOL for a while, but I'm baaaaaaaack!

It's been a bad and good past few months since I've been around these parts of the Interwebs. I was in a pretty severe car accident that totaled my car a week before Christmas, giving me a minor head injury to my already damaged head from two previous brain surgeries. All is well now from the accident, and it hasn't seemed to cause any worsening effects on my body.

Christmas and New Years was slow-going and low key, but fortunately spent at home.

I got a new car at the first of the year and it took a bit to get me back to driving, as I had developed a bit of a fear of driving after the accident.

My niece and nephew have been growing like weeds. My nephew will be four next month, and my niece will be six in August, although, last week, she claimed to "switch her birthday" so in her mind, she is now six, and wants me to buy her an iPhone, because she is so old now!

How have all you lovely people been?


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Welcome back!! I wondered what was up with you, sorry to hear about the accident but happy to hear you are doing better now.

I'm not on FOL as much since I got a job and I miss everyone. I try to get on a couple times a week so I don't lose touch.