Conners Test - Social Anxiety/Depression


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Kiddo is in 3rd grade and we did the Connors testing, based on the recommendation of his teacher and Mom (also a teacher). Basically the test came back with:

- Peer Relations/Social Anxiety: Very Elevated Score
- Depression: Elevated Score
- ADHD: High Average Score

Its nothing real shocking, as he is a good kid but very shy with only 1-2 close friends (one of which is moving soon). He is an A/B student and never in trouble. His main issue is that he never initiates conversation and always waits for an invitation from his peers in conversation, at recess, etc. Once he gets over that initial invitation, he has fun and plays well with the other kids.
A great example is at recess. He will get invited to play kickball one day, have fun, talk about playing again the next day. Unfortunately if nobody specifically invites him to play the next day, he will sit on the sidelines and not play. Expecting a group of 3rd grade boys to invite you to play something every day over and over, just isn't going to happen.

We are hoping to tackle the Social Anxiety and Depression, while just keeping an eye on the ADHD tendency. We have been pushing him socially and he is doing good at karate and golf, we have given up the fight for team sports after trying soccer, football, and basketball over the years.

Anyway, based on the Connors testing, I think we are going to need a bit of outside help for the Social Anxiety/Depression. We would like to avoid medicating with "personality in a bottle" if possible.

We have a whole list of counselors from the school counselor and Baylor, but does anyone have any first hand experience/ideas?
I met a LPC from Green Oaks while at a workshop at Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital on Forrest Lane. She has an office in Plano on 15th.

I specifically asked her about working with kids and her protocol about medications. She is a proponent of non-medicating.

I cannot vouch for her personally. If you would like to contact her:
Barbara Fraser, LPC
We have had the same DX for my son and meds have worked and not worked. Depression meds great at a low does, stimulant helped him focus, but angry, and now we are on low dose of antidepressant and non-stimulant for impulse control...70% effective for focus. We didn't want to stunt his personality or growth so we have made SEVERAL changes in our life. As for a therapist, we see a GREAT one!!! She is super nice and gets kids...her name is Jessica at Family Tree Counseling in Plano. I tutor children with all kinds of challenges, plus my son has them as well so I understand what you are going through...especially at the beginning...hope this info helps.



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My son took the Connors test a few years back. I have a few problems with it. While I agree it shows "tendancies", you should look further to trained professionals for a better diagnoses. School councellors are not always the best bet. And this test isn't something to base future treatment for your kiddo from.

My son is ADHD, and very introverted, so I can relate to your situation. Your pediatrician would be a good starting point for future care. Someone posted a thread on juvenile councellors on here not so long ago. Best of luck!


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School counselors are not even remotely qualified to diagnose kids. I am surprised they are administering tests. I have always seen the school psychologist do this (LSSP) and even they can not diagnose a child but can administer a screening test that uses specific protocols to screen a child.

An LSSP can utilize these tests to qualify a child for special education but they can not diagnose a child.

Van gave excellent adivice to get an outside independant diagnoses. Your peditrician is a good place to start.

Never, ever let the school "diagnose" your child as being emotionally disturbed.


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It definitely was not presented as a diagnosis, just areas to investigate further. The pediatrician said he would not even do a diagnosis.
We are just trying to take the next step and investigate the potential social anxiety and depression further. We have a list of counselors from the pediatrician and another list from the school. I was just wondering if anyone had any first hand experience or recommendations.


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I am surprised given that it has not impacted his grades, and his behavior is not a problem, that they would be concerned. (It's a good thing as so many parents can't get the school to look into any learning disability or condition that is affecting their child).

Talk to your peditrician and see what they say. You may want to look into social skills classes and model social interaction for him and talk to him about why you did and said certain things. My DD has social issues and at 16 I have to tell her why I did and said things and how it benefits the situation as she doesn't see it.


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Is he afraid of clowns? I would start there if I were you....
Just kidding. :)

I have been dealing with social anxiety my whole life. I'm 37 and otherwise perfectly normal. I wish I would have had some kind of help when I was a kid. I'll spare you guys all the silly details.

I wish you the best of luck JJ. I'm sure he'll be ok.
Really the Connors is given at a school as a baseline for what the teachers and parents are observing at school and at home, we tell parents to please take that to the pediatrician and or psychologist and let them analyze it and give their professional opinion. Kelly Hoxsey, Amy Allen Meyer, Bear Ackerman, Dr. Levy and the Holliner Psychiatric group are all great for anxiety and ADHD. Good Luck!