Community Service hours needed...quickly


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My 15 year old son needs to complete 12 community service hours in this week, so looking for any opportunity for him here in Frisco. He got in some minor trouble, but they have asked him to do 12 hours...and we basically let is get away from us and now realize its due by next Sunday. Looking at places like Frisco Family Services, they require a parent to be there (his mom has a 5 month old and I have to be out of town for business this week or I would happily attend with him) and its too late to go thru orientation and have this finished by next Sunday the 5th, so we are looking for a resource on here in Frisco. They are not too picky on what he does (they even mentioned volunteering at school this week picking up litter, cleaning erases, etc) but it has to be signed off on and I have to submit the paperwork by next Sunday. Anyone have suggestions or have an opportunity? Thanks in advance.
Check with the City of Frisco...perhaps they could designate a section of roadway where construction material, plastic, etc. have blown all over and may have attached to a fence. See if they will designate a road location and check periodically to see that it is being cleaned. Surely, there are many locations like this given the amount of construction....check near Lowes, Home Depot, etc.


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#3 may be your best bet. They have locations all over the metroplex and have been approved by most courts for community service.


We have a wonderful way for him to do chores. There are flowerbeds that need to be cleaned out at our house. Good old fashioned elbow grease and about five hours would do it.

If you'd like to send him over, please give me a private message.